Episode 4 – Horror Remakes

In episode 4 of the CTGY Podcast Rich and Kelly discuss the ‘love it or really massively hate it’ topic of horror film remakes.

Remakes ripped apart in this episode include A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Carrie, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Thirteen Ghosts, The Ring, The Eye, Shutter, A Tale of Two Sisters, The Grudge, Back Christmas, Prom Night, The Wicker Man (what the FUCK was that?), Fright Night, House of Wax, I Spit on Your Grave, The Last House on the Left, Maniac, Evil Dead Psycho, Martyrs, Inside, Oldboy, Funny Games and many more.

Some big news involving John Carpenter is also talked about and make sure to tune in right to the very end for some outtakes including an unfortunate moment with a glass of scotch..

As ever, shares, reviews or comments (good or bad – we don’t care) are always welcome. Links are provided to the left.

Intro trailer – Texas Chainsaw Massacre footage
Outro song – Birdbrain ‘Youth of America’



One thought on “Episode 4 – Horror Remakes

  1. Some brief thoughts on the remakes covered in this episode that I’ve seen:

    A Nightmare on Elm Street – A fairly average movie that manages to not be offensive. I was concerned that they were going to have Freddy be innocent prior to this death. I wasn’t a fan of Jackie Earle Haley as Nightmare Freddy. Freddy is supposed to have fun playing with his victims, JEH didn’t seem like he was at any point.

    Halloween – I much prefer the first half with young Michael in Zombie’s twisted version of real life compared to the second half with Laurie and company. Zombie was an odd choice to be the director as he’s not subtle at all.

    Friday the 13th – I enjoyed it the first time around, but with my most recent watch, I nearly hated it. Everyone is fairly unlikable and Jason acts mostly un-Jason like.

    Carrie – I haven’t seen the 2013 remake, but I did like the 2002 made for TV remake. Angela Bettis is perfect in that freaky girl type of role that she was cast in loads in the early 2000’s.

    Night of the Living Dead – A surprisingly low amount of gore for a film directed by Tom Savini. I liked the updated character for Barbara that went along well with the changes in time for women in horror.

    Dawn of the Dead – The remake I likely complained about most prior to seeing it that my tone changed a 180 degrees after watching it. One of the better horror remakes. Richard Cheese’s version of Down With the Sickness saw a lot of play from me in the mid 2000’s.

    Thirteen Ghosts – The first full fledged horror movie I saw in the theater. Tons of emphasis on creating a cool looking look to the house and ghosts, but not enough emphasis on creating a script with likable characters.

    The Ring – Another early horror theater experience for me. One of the very few Asian horror remakes that were in the same league as the original. The horse scene on the boat continues to baffle me.

    A Tale of Two Sisters (The Uninvited) – I remember liking it for what it is. The original is great and well worth going out of your way to watch, but the remake was just a decent popcorn flick to put on in the background.

    The Grudge – One I’ve been meaning to re-watch due to the amount of praise it receives on some podcasts I listen to. There’s some good scare elements, but I don’t remember it being such a stand out like others imply it to be.

    Back Christmas – Well, it had some good looking actresses in it. That’s about it.

    Prom Night – Boy, they really used that term “Remake” solely with this film. A mindless slasher that you’ll forget as soon as the credits hit.

    Fright Night – I wouldn’t call myself a fan of the original and I can’t say the remake did much for me either. The first half was fairly interesting, but I zoned out in the second half.

    House of Wax – A simple, yet under appreciated little movie from the mid 2000’s. The marketing of being able to see Paris Hilton die was brilliant.

    Maniac – I had zero faith in Elijah Wood and boy was I wrong to doubt him. One of the better horror movies from that year.

    Evil Dead – Another one that easily exceeded expectations. Gives me a lot of hope for the upcoming Don’t Breathe with the same director and starring Jane Levy.

    Psycho – Who doesn’t love shot-by-shot mediocre remakes of amazing films?

    Martyrs – I prefer the remake since it’s not just mindless violence without any payoff. I fully realize I’m in the minority though.

    Other remakes not mentioned in the show notes, but I loved were the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and my favorite horror remake – The Hills Have Eyes.


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