Episode 7 – Scream


In episode 7 of the CTGY podcast, Kelly and Rich slice and dice the 90’s cult classic Scream at stupid o’clock on a Wednesday night. Mostly this is just so Kelly will shut the hell up about always wanting to discuss Scream at extreme geeky lengths – so this is mostly her throwing film quotes and pointless trivia at you.

Also Rich endures a fun game of horror movie question trivia himself, as host Kelly plays the Ghostface killer. (I always saw him as a Casey Becker damsel in distress type..)

Big apologies for the audio quality. It’s been a tough week with being sick and having no sleep, so the whole episode might be a bit of a mess. Also Richard was tired and doesn’t say much, the weather was bad and we’d recorded 2 episodes in one night. Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Feel free to listen, download, comment, share.

Intro trailer – Scream (1996)
Outro song – Blue Oyster Cult ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’



7 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Scream

  1. Some of my previous thoughts on Scream the last time I watched it.

    The first SCREAM is a movie I’ve had an up and down relationship with. When I first saw it, I really liked it, but then when I started to get really into horror, I turned my back on that whole slasher boom of the late 90’s. It’s stupid in hindsight, but I had this stupid attitude where I didn’t believe it was true horror and just teenybooper crap. I chalk it up to the fact that you’re not a true horror fan until you randomly hate a type of horror because you love this other type more. It’s just an example for how stupid one can be when you’re young.

    I came back to loving SCREAM, particularly the first one. There’s so much to love about it besides just being a good movie. Even though most of the slashers that came after SCREAM failed to deliver, you have to respect SCREAM for bringing horror back to life. As a massive HALLOWEEN fan, I know we wouldn’t have had a HALLOWEEN H20 without SCREAM happening. The self referential nature of the film made it feel so fresh and set it apart from all of the other slashers from the last slashers boom period of the 80’s. Even if you hate SCREAM, it’s fun trying to spot all of the nods to other popular horror movies (IE. “Don’t fear the reaper” song at the start of SCREAM). Then there’s the likability of the characters. Part of the stereotype of slashers is that it’s just a masked killer knocking off characters who you couldn’t care less about. I don’t think there’s a single character in this movie that I dislike, something that is a flaw in the other SCREAM movies. As a horror fan, Randy is so relatable and became my favorite character in the series. I imagine if I went to the school, he would eventually get on my nerves, but Stu is hilarious. Tatum had the whole spunky bad ass BFF vibes. Even Billy is likable since he has that cool mysterious feel to his character. He’s interesting and throughout the movie, you can’t help, but want to figure him out. Can you trust him or is it a mistake? I don’t know, but I’m interested. Again, not to keep knocking the sequels, but that’s an 180 compared to SCREAM 2’s Derek, who was just bland and generic boyfriend #463.

    I’m willing to go far enough to call SCREAM to best horror movie of the 1990’s.

    I’d rate it a 9.5/buy it.


    • “Teenybopper crap” breaks my heart, man! But yeah, I agree that a lot of people have said they were thinking the same thing, initially.

      Scream is just absolutely fantastic in most areas.. aside from the MANY problems we discuss throughout the podcast, ha. But they’re good moments to poke fun at.

      Randy will forever be the best character as he definitely is so damn relatable, like you said. Sometimes I wonder if it was a mistake for them to get rid of his character. I wonder what Scream 4 would’ve been like with him still around, and what he’d have made of the Facebook Stalker/Twitter crap.

      So thrilled to see you think it’s the best horror of the 90s! Warms my little black heart.

      Thanks for the insightful thoughts, yet again!


  2. With Randy, you either kill him in Scream 2 and let him stay dead (None of this VHS tape BS in Scream 3) or you don’t kill him at all. Naturally, no one would have known a Scream 4 was going to be made at the time of Scream 2, but it would have made sense to have Randy be the big Scream 4 death since now they had new mega horror fans like Kirby. It would have even played into the idea that it’s a new era and Randy’s previous horror knowledge doesn’t mean squat in this present era. Randy’s death could have signified the death of a time period.


    • Talking about Randy Meeks dying just makes my heart shatter a little bit more.. it reminds me that I’m still just a mere human, with emotions. Ugh.

      I still can’t believe the way it even happened in Scream 2. He had no chance. It hurts.

      Kirby was a great character to introduce – she was very knowledgeable. Makes me wonder what her and Randy would’ve discussed or argued about.


  3. While I like the idea of Kirby and Randy having interaction together, I don’t know how much they would have been able to have. The age difference means they’re not going to be in the same circle of friends, but it’s not that big of an age difference that Randy would have had kids her age so that he could have been her friend’s cool dad. She seemed fairly low key with her horror love, so that may reduce the ways she could interact with him as well. The sad thing is the natural interaction they could have had was ruined by the death of the video rental stores. Had the original Scream taken place in the 80’s and Scream 4 in the mid 90’s, I can see plenty of interaction between Kirby going to the local video rental joint and getting recommendations by Randy.

    I really liked Kirby though, which makes it all the more disappointing that she was seemingly killed and chances are we’ll never see a Scream 5.


  4. I remember there were massive fan theories about her still being alive as you never technically saw her die. She was heavily bleeding out on the damn floor! She ain’t getting back up from that, unfortunately.


    • I’ve seen that theory before, but it seems more like just wishful thinking.

      It does remind me of the fate of Tina from Halloween 5. We saw her being carried out of the corn field, but technically we were never told if she was alive or not. Tina’s the anti-Kirby though. In all of horror, Tina may be my most disliked character ever.

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