Episode 8 – The Conjuring 2

In episode 8 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly have been especially busy as they recorded two episodes in one day.. never again. The release of The Conjuring 2 is the main discussion, with a brief conversation about first film.

Topics also include more about the Ed and Lorraine Warren case files, a weird story about Kelly and some dolls, and if the duo have ever experienced any ghostly activities themselves..

Again, apologies for the poor sound – this issue with the echo needs to be sorted and we’ll try and figure something out to reduce this as it’s incredibly annoying.

Feel free to comment, share, download, listen. Also if you have any spooky ghost stories please let us know!

Intro song – Crooked Man theme (The Conjuring 2 2016)
Outro song – Dead Man’s Bones ‘In the Room Where You Sleep’



5 thoughts on “Episode 8 – The Conjuring 2

  1. Last week I gave The Conjuring a watch for the first time since it came out. My opinion didn’t change much. Even back in 2013, I was beginning to grow tired of all of these supernatural movies and three years later, that feeling has only increased. That may have played a part in why I didn’t think it was anything more than just an enjoyable supernatural flick. The time period was fun, I loved the music, and there’s a couple of good jumps. While I realize it was based on a “true story” with real people, the movie would have benefited from scaling back on the amount of kids. It’s difficult to keep track of the five daughters with the oldest ones not even playing a role in the end. The two youngest daughters had to be in the movie due to their role in the end, but they could have combined the other three into just one older daughter character. The Conjuring is well worth the watch, particularly if you’re a fan of James Wan’s work.

    Meanwhile, I went to see The Conjuring 2 yesterday. Like Rich, it was exciting to realize that the Warrens were in the Amityville house at the beginning of the movie. Since we’ve already seen so many Amityville movies, I don’t have any desire to see Wan direct a Warrens based Amityville movie, which makes these opening Conjuring scenes with mini Warren investigations so great. It’s just a fun offering without having to dedicate an entire movie to the Lutz’ old house again.

    I can’t think of another theatrical experience that had me jumping as often as I jumped with The Conjuring 2. Off of the top of my head, I can’t remember any of them being cheap cat based jump scares though. I don’t mind an easy jump scare as long as it’s something you should be startled by instead of a cheap scene with a cat or a friend jumping at you. The movie did feel a bit long to me. It wasn’t so much that it began to drag on for me, but rather I was aware of sitting in the theater far longer than I normally am for a horror movie. There was some good heart and emotion to the movie with the Warrens. It may have not been necessary to the movie, but I loved Ed singing “Cant Help Falling In Love” to the family when they’re going through such a horrific experience. It was such a sweet and genuine moment that horror doesn’t always provide us without it coming off as something overly cheesy. Had someone told me that scene took place in the movie and I wouldn’t have felt the urge to vomit, I would have called them a liar.

    I’d have to wait until The Conjuring 2 comes out on Blu-Ray to give it another watch, but I feel confident that it’s superior to the original Conjuring. The scares were better and the love with the Warrens tugged at your heart strings a little more.


    • Yeah I feel exactly the same! There were some really sweet moments mixed in with all the terror and whatnot. I’d love to see it again quite soon, but as you said, it is rather a long watch so I think I’ll just wait until the film comes out on DVD and all that. The characters were so good. So much more involved with these characters, too.


      • I’m not the type to see movies multiple times at the theater. I believe in my entire life, I’ve only seen Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 and Star Wars Episode 3 twice. However, for RZ’s Halloween, I only went twice because I had those free passes that you received when you bought the new Anchor Bay Halloween DVD’s (Halloween 4, Halloween 5, and Halloween: 25 Years of Terror) and with Star Wars, I first went with some friends and then when my uncle came into town, he wanted to see it too.

        The eventual re-watch of The Conjuring 2 may be interesting. Will the jump scares still make me jump? If not, it could possibly affect my enjoyment of the film.


      • I was wondering why you’d want to see RZ Halloween in the cinema twice! But then you explained the reason, haha.

        I reckon I’ll wait a fair while before rewatching The Conjuring 2. See if the scares still work.


  2. I was all about Rob Zombie’s Halloween that one week. I believe it was in the middle of the two theatrical viewings that I had downloaded a leaked workprint version of the movie that was different from the theatrical and director’s cut that eventually was released on DVD.

    I like waiting a bit in between my first (theater) viewing and second (at home) viewing. Sometimes there’s just that buzz that comes from seeing a movie in the theater that skews your feelings. Case in point – Halloween Resurrection. I left the theater thinking that it was a GREAT Halloween. Flash forward several months to Christmas time and I now own the DVD and I learn the truth about that lame sequel. ha


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