Episode 9 – Found Footage Movies

In episode 9 of the CTGY podcast, a very spontaneous discussion after a brief break from recording about found footage. Kelly and Rich get behind the cameras and discuss a whole bunch of the craze that is video camera style horror movies. Oh, and Rich’s basic dislike towards them.

Films mentioned in this episode include: As Above So Below, The Den, The Blair Witch Project, The Bay, REC, Megan is Missing, Grave Encounters, The Devil Inside, Cannibal Holocaust, Creep, The Last Exorcism, Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield, Lake Mungo, The Last Horror Movie, Paranormal Entity, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, VHS, Trollhunter and Unfriended.

Also, brief off topic conversations thanks to Rich involve the pressing question “what would you do if you met a unicorn?”, speaking terribly in Spanish, cigarette breaks to UB40 songs, Blues Brother 2000 love, Turbo Kid and naughty films with horror film based titles. Also another unfortunate moment where innocent Kelly tries to sip a drink and Rich interrupts – choking and swearing follows.

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Intro trailer – The Blair Witch Project (1999)
Outro song – The Death Set ‘They Come to Get Us’



3 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Found Footage Movies

  1. I can’t say I have nightmares about found footage films like Rich, but there are a couple of immediate problems. For starters, there’s far too many of them. Once Paranormal Activity came out and reminded everyone that you could make boatloads of money on a film you paid for with just the change you found in in between the cushions of your couch, everyone began making them. It got to be too much as you’re not going to get very good camera work, the acting will likely be so-so at best, and there’s always that pesky question of, “Why are you still filming?” The other problem is movies are made to be found footage for the sake of being found footage so that it can be an even cheaper production. If you’re going to have a found footage film, there needs to be a logical reason why it’s found footage.

    As Above So Below – The found footage equivalent to The Descent in that it would have been an effective film even before the horror came into play. I don’t even have a fear of claustrophobia, but they had a couple of scenes that were terrifying due to the fear of being trapped.

    The Den – I only watched this last year and I’ve already forgotten nearly everything about it. I don’t believe I disliked it though.

    The Blair Witch Project – While it may not be the first found footage film (Even of it’s year with The Last Broadcast), it’s a landmark film that is effective due to that fear of being alone in the wilderness. It saddens me that some people aren’t able to look passed the fact that they see this as being a boring film. It’s all about that slow build-up to feeling as if you’re in a doomed situation. I know I would feel far more comfortable camping in the woods prior to seeing this.

    The Bay – I’ll be honest, I don’t remember you guys talking about this. Shame too because I’m a big fan of this movie. I loved the use of such a wide variety of cameras. I first watched this right about the time that my home town had a water ban, so that real life water ban made this film far more terrifying for me. A movie well worth watching just to see how creative it could be.

    [rec] – One of the better fright films of the last decade. A must watch for any horror fan and it has to be one of the better found footage films.

    Megan is Missing – So awful, but that one very brief moment when they showed a couple of photos freaked me out. It’s a film to watch with some friends and laugh about it.

    Grave Encounters – Saw both of the Grave Encounters films and just felt they were okay.

    Cannibal Holocaust – Oh god. It took me years to finally gather up the courage to watch this. As it turns out, due to building it up in my head so much, I found it a bit more tame than I expected. Granted, some of the scenes are absolutely horrible to watch. The worst one being a scene with a large turtle. It’s sickening. That being said, I LOVE the opening theme. Even if you don’t watch the movie, go to Youtube and look up the main theme. I love the theme because it’s so cheery and upbeat. It’s such a stark contrast to the film you’re about to see.

    Creep – Maybe the best found footage film I saw in 2015. It’s both creepy and oddly funny with the writing allowing for viewers to suspend their disbelief for why the main character would subject himself to hanging out with this weirdo.

    Paranormal Activity – Some of the best marketing of a film since The Blair Witch Project. The film isn’t scary while watching it, but I found it to be a scary film after that initial theater experience when I was back home, in the middle of the night, and weird sounds begin to be heard in a normal old house. Due to my fear of having someone watch me as I sleep, there’s one scene that always unnerves me when watching this.

    Cloverfield – It’s been years since I’ve seen this, but it managed to be a rare notable found footage film in between The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. It’s one I’ve been meaning to give a re-watch.

    Lake Mungo – Some decent tension, but very little actual horror other than one good jump scene on a beach. There are some fun similarities to Twin Peaks though.

    The Last Horror Movie – I own the DVD, but it’s been so long that I’ve seen it that I remember absolutely nothing. The plot discussed on CTGY does make me want to give it a re-watch.

    Paranormal Entity – I seem to recall this one having better scares during the viewing than Paranormal Activity had. Still, it’s just a cheap cash in on the popularity of Paranormal.

    The Poughkeepsie Tapes – A realistic type horror that fills you with dread due to never knowing how far the filmmakers would go with the story. A fairly unnerving film.

    V/H/S – The first film was fairly enjoyable with half of the shorts being good. V/H/S 2 was a big improvement with V/H/S Virus being mostly trash.

    Unfriended – A movie so terrible that I began to be entertained due to it being so bad.

    While you guys didn’t mentioned it on the show, my current worst movie I saw in 2016 would be the found footage film, The Levenger Tapes. It didn’t even have the value of being so bad that it’s good like Unfriended.


  2. Very informative response. Thank you!

    Like you mentioned, there are WAY too many found footage movies. I think even I’m beginning to grow tired of them and I’m usually all for them. Your question of “why are you still filming?” was something that was apparently justified in the film Alien Abduction. Apparently, the kid has Autism and that’s the perfect excuse for him to keep filming, even whilst the chaos is going on. I dunno about anyone else, but they never actually seem to address this very much in the film and they don’t use the kids condition at all. It was just a cheap way for them to get him to carry on recording everything.

    I’ll have to look into The Levenger Tapes. I have no idea what it’s about!

    Also, something just occurred to me. We never discussed The Visit! That was a massively enjoyable film in 2015 and the reveal towards the end was so simple yet so effective.


    • Alien Abduction is a good example of providing an explanation for the filming. I’d also say [rec] had a good explanation too since they felt as if they were being treated unfairly. As for the autism, yeah, it didn’t play a big role other than it being something brought up here and there. It seemed as if it was just a means of giving the kid a character trait. They at least didn’t mention it and then had the boy act as if nothing was going on with him though.

      The Levenger Tapes is just awful, awful stuff.

      Even though I liked the movie, The Visit is an example of a found footage film that didn’t need to be found footage. Take away the camera and would anything have changed? Even that one great reveal scene with the webcam could have been left in, but as a singular scene. The camera work was done in a fairly respectable manner so that it wasn’t annoying though.


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