Episode 11 – Top 10 Non Horror Movies

In Episode 11 of the CTGY podcast, Kelly and Rich take a step back from the horror genre so they have a chance to list their personal top ten NON horror movies. You can probably expect some embarrassing top picks from each host, or maybe you even have similar interests. Have a listen and find out! You know.. if you want to, of course.

As Kelly progressively gets more and more drunk, the podcast episode spirals quickly into insanity. Will Rich storm out yet again after Kelly’s nonsense?

Feel free to leave comments, reviews – anything is massively appreciated.

Intro song – Jock Jams ‘Are You Ready For This?’
Outro song – The Temptations ‘My Girl’



3 thoughts on “Episode 11 – Top 10 Non Horror Movies

  1. It took some time to come up with them, but I managed to find ten movies I’d feel comfortable putting in my top ten non-horror list. I won’t worry about trying to order them since that would be even more difficult. I was very tough on keeping out any movies that had any sort of feel of being a horror, so movies like Donnie Darko, The Crow, American Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock, ect aren’t allowed. There’s a great emphasis on ones I watched multiple times with nearly every one being ones I’ve watched for years and not something I just watched.

    – American Beauty (1999)

    I agree with Kelly that Rich should check this out. I believe I first saw this around 2001-2002, right around the time my teenage angst years began. At points it’s identifiable while also helping show that all age groups go through stuff. For many years, it was the first and main non-horror I’d mention when naming my favorite movies.

    – A Christmas Story (1983)

    I’m one of those scumbags that actually has A Christmas Story playing in the background a ton during the Christmas season for the past decade or so. I’m not proud of it, but the film fills me with so much stupid joy.

    – Dogville (2003)

    The only movie on my list that I only watched for the first time within the last year. You would think that I had never watched a play in my life by how blown away I was with this feature film presented as a stage play without even having any real buildings, props, ect. It’s a long watch, but it did such a good job at filling me with rage that I wanted to see some awesome revenge at the end.

    – Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

    My favorite John Hughes film and one I watch every Thanksgiving day. I tend to love road stories and this one is a classic one with a ton of heart by the end.

    – Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

    I imagine for anyone in my age group, Terminator 2 is THE example of an action film. I feel as if I saw it all the time back in the 90’s. The most impressive aspect of the film is the emotion at the very end. If you don’t have a single tear in your eye during that thumbs up at the very end, you have no soul.

    – The Big Lebowski (1998)

    Simply put, it’s just a cool comedy that has plenty of great quotes in it.

    – Wedding Crashers (2005)

    If the first few films at the start of the list are more of my go to answers, the bottom few are mostly sentimental picks. Picture it, late 2005, first year away from home at college and hanging out with my two closest dorm roommates. The one roommate got some bad news and in that moment, we pulled out this movie and sat back to watch it for some laughs. It’s the film I think about the most from that time period. I’m not even sure why this is so, but “Sparks” by Coldplay ended up being one of those songs I go to when I’m feeling down.

    – The Girl Next Door (2004)

    I’m a big fan of coming of age movies. This one connected with me partly because it was released in my senior year of high school and because it’s about a quiet guy that is lacking that excitement in his life and longing for something only to find it with this girl who is able to open up a new world to him and he finds himself as a result. I’m sure I worded that so poorly. ha

    – Star Trek TNG Movies

    These are tied to going to the movies with my uncle. It’s some of the earliest ones we went to see and I’d say it laid the groundwork for eventually going to see Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

    – Aladdin (1992)

    I wanted to get in at least one Disney animated film to connect to my childhood. I was about six years old when this film came out, so I was in that perfect age group for a Disney film. There’s memories of watching the VHS at home with my older sister multiple times. Part of why I also went with Aladdin is that I also have plenty of fond memories playing the Aladdin SNES game with my sister. More than any other early 90’s animated movie, it seems as if I have more ties to this film that greatly adds to the nostalgia.

    Honorable mentions: Mean Girls (Way better than you’d imagine based on name alone), Tommy Boy, Life as a House, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    • Great list! There are a fair few on this list I haven’t seen, but it’s a great variety. Oh, and Scott Pilgrim, yo! The soundtrack to that is rad. I think based on my list, and Rich’s, a good soundtrack makes a film so much better at times. I’m glad you said American Beauty! And Mean Girls. At least a bloke is man enough to admit that it’s an awesome watch, haha.


      • I believe you made the comparison on the podcast, but Mean Girls is basically a 2000’s version of Heathers. When you look at it from that perspective, Mean Girls becomes something far more than just a film for teenage girls. There’s some great quotes and now memes attached to the film to keep it relevant over a decade after it’s release. The fact that there’s plenty of good looking girls to watch doesn’t hurt either. ha

        Scott Pilgrim is great. It’s such a rad movie with a lead character that is likable, but so incredibly flawed.

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