Episode 12 – Stranger Things

In Episode 12 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly travel to the upside down to discuss the fantastic new Netflix Original called Stranger Things. Listen to them completely fangirl about the MANY references to other films in this 80’s horror/sci fi series.

In other news there are conversations about the new film The Woods – or more recently announced as a Blair Witch sequel, Godzilla, Twin Peaks, Ash vs. Evil Dead, new horror figures and what books are currently being read.

A very poor game of Dungeons and Dragons in an office environment between the duo is also played.

Also #GetWellSoonKelly.


As always, let us know what you think. We really appreciate any comments, reviews, thoughts and shares.

Intro song – Stranger Things theme
Outro song – The Clash ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’



One thought on “Episode 12 – Stranger Things

  1. Maybe this is something you guys can discuss on a future episode of CTGY, but how notable of a year is it for horror? While watching Stranger Things and seeing all of the attention it was getting all over the web, I was actually thinking that it was the biggest horror news story of the year. Then I began remembering all of the other notable news stories including most recently the news of the secret Blair Witch sequel that began to take attention away from Stranger Things. Prior to that, there’s been all of the talk of the Friday the 13th video game, John Carpenter returning to the Halloween series, everything surrounding The Green Room and The VVitch, ect. To me, it feels as if there’s so much going on in horror that whenever there’s a notable story of the week, it’s not long before something new takes attention away from it.

    I can’t say I have much to add to the Stranger Things discussion since my opinions are virtually the same as you two. My biggest issue with the series was the CGI. That was the one aspect of the series that took me out of the early 80’s feel of it all. I was rather high on the innocence in all of the relationships. Lucas falls away from his inner circle because darn it, he misses having Mark as his best friend. The small little romance between Mark and Eleven is reminiscent of the innocent (And yet actually super dark) love shown in Let the Right One In. They even held back on going all in on the feelings between Nancy and Jonathan, although it’s a safe bet we’re going to see some serious love triangle issues with the pair and Steve in season 2. While a lot of movies love to force a love connection when there doesn’t have to be one (A recent watch that comes to mind is Final Destination 2), Stranger Things instead shows the need of having tight bonds for survival, not necessarily just for the sake of having a romantic sub-plot.

    For me, the biggest question going into season 2 next year is, “What’s up with Will?” Did Will bring something back with him when he returned from the under side? Is he even the real Will or instead is he some evil entity merely using Will’s body as a shell?

    The fact that there’s so many references is a major part of the rewatch value. For example, I didn’t even notice the Cujo nod early on in the series when it was brought up on the podcast.

    Since it was brought up on the show, I’m nearly done reading Horns by Joe Hill. To follow up on that Stephen King’s son’s novel, I have King’s latest, End of Watch, waiting to be read.



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