Episode 13 – Pet Sematary

In episode 13 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly dig up the details about the 1989 film Pet Sematary. Both the film and the Stephen King book get brought up and there are general thoughts on each of those.

In other topic discussions – Kelly hates Harry Potter, one of the duo is half blind, Rich gets harassed with TERRIBLE cat related jokes from Kelly and there is a bit of news!

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Intro trailer – Pet Sematary (1989)
Outro song – The Ramones ‘Pet Sematary’



2 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Pet Sematary

  1. Watching Pet Sematary for only the first time last August, I was left mostly underwhelmed, but still impressed by the creepiness of Zelda and the intrigue of my fan theory that the majority of the film is just a delusion brought on by Louis by his horrific first day on the job, only becoming worse and worse after the premature death of his son. This idea actually made the film far more disturbing to me with the mental image of Louis bringing his dead son into Jud’s house and acting as if he’s returned from the dead.

    With my most recent viewing as of yesterday, I found the film even less interesting. The core problem I had with it is that everything felt so random. It reminded me a little of Phantasm where everyone’s worst nightmares comes true, only I actually quite like Phantasm. With everything coming across as being so random, I couldn’t get behind and follow everyone’s logic in their decisions. For example, why would Jud suggest that Louis bury Church in the Pet Sematary? He knows from first hand experience that even animals do not come back “Normal”. His reasoning of not wanting to force Ellie to experience death yet so early in her life is idiotic as he’s putting a wild and dangerous cat in the hands of a child. Without being a parent, I have to wonder if it was already the perfect situation to introduce Ellie to death with her being out of town for Church’s death, so she wouldn’t have to see the body and Louis would have time to come up with the best means of how to break the news to her. Instead, they opt to do something that possibility could have brought great harm to Ellie.

    I suppose some of the randomness can be attributed to everyone enduring their worst nightmares, but without any proper explanations, I didn’t care about any of it. For whatever reason, Ellie has the powers to dream of the future, predicting the deaths of her pet and mother. It’s certainly a scary idea for any child, but since Ellie disappears in the final act, it all feels like one giant plot contrivance to explain why Rachel would rush home. At least that piece of randomness had a purpose. I don’t understand why Missy Dandridge is in this film at all. She doesn’t serve any purpose other than being yet another death in the movie. In fact, not once is she even mentioned in the entire plot summery of the movie over on Wikipedia. I’m not sure what her role was like in the novel, but she came across as a very cheap version of the nanny from The Omen, yet the death of the nanny is practically an iconic scene in horror history. Even Zelda, the scariest element from the entire movie, doesn’t serve any real purpose other than scaring audiences with a random side story that if you remove it, wouldn’t alter the film at all.

    I want to like the film. There’s some potential in there with this exploration in death, but everything falls so short. The fact that Ellie constantly annoyed me only made this even more tiresome to sit through. I’d be all for a Pet Sematary remake with a greater emphasis on what’s actually in control to help keep everything in order and not feeling like a mess of random scenes. Ironically, the best part of the entire film are the end credits. Not only are you able to celebrate ending this bore of a film, but you can enjoy a great song by The Ramones. It actually allowed me to have fun for a couple of minutes while watching Pet Sematary!


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