Episode 16 – The Gate

In episode 16 of the CTGY podcast, Kelly and Rich open the gates of hell to discuss, yeah you got it, The Gate. Sticking with the theme of 1987 like in episode 15, the pair of wallies discuss young Stephen Dorff’s first debut movie.

A risky game of playing subliminal messages in songs is aired this week, so be bloody careful – unless you welcome all things spooky and evil into your life.

Other topics mentioned this episode include the remake of the French movie ‘Inside’, a trailer for the new ‘Found Footage 3D’, the recently revealed full costume for the new Pennywise and Kevin Bacon as Freddy Krueger!?

As always, feel free to listen, download, tell ALL of your friends, subscribe on iTunes and rate us.

Intro trailer – The Gate (1987)
Outro song –  Iron Maiden ‘The Number of the Beast’



One thought on “Episode 16 – The Gate

  1. For me, what stood out the most for this movie was the older sister, Al. In theory, she could have been a character completely underdeveloped with the sole purpose of being that generic older sibling that is there when all of the craziness began. Yet, she wasn’t. The writers added some good depth to her character, allowing her to not be one dimensional. Even though it’s disappointing to hear and see Al pull away from her brother in favor of hanging out with her friends, it’s understandable. She’s moving away from being a tomboy and embracing growing up. She’s doing something that may not be entirely likable (If you’re completely in the camp of Glen), but you can’t hate her for it.

    I loved when Al put her own life on hold when she realizes that Glen needs her more after the apparent death of their dog. There’s something really heartwarming about their relationship and how Al ends up valuing family, even if it means embracing some of her past tomboy ways at the risk of what it will do to her new popularity.

    By the end of the movie, it became one of my favorite sibling relationships/plots that I can remember seeing in a horror movie. Again, none of it was necessary. The writers could have kept things simple and just stuck to this whole devil worshipers/little creatures movie, but instead they threw in a subplot that had some genuine heart to it. Everything that happens with that aforementioned plot and what happens with Terry and his coping with his mother’s death helped The Gate stand out far more than it otherwise should have.

    This was the first time I had watched the full movie and I loved it.


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