Episode 18 – House of Wax

In episode 18 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly argue massively about whether or not House of Wax (2005) is a good film. The topic for this weeks episode is indeed the 2005 film and the 1953 film. Prepare for a ton of insults and “no, you’re wrong” comments. An idea for ‘House of Fax’ is brought up, too. Interested, filmmakers? Contact the show!

Also discussed this week is a short review from Kelly on The Neon Demon, rigging customer bells at work to play “Under the Sea”, Rich’s Ghostbusting, Kelly the ex-receptionist of a beauty salon listing various waxing treatments (hire her, go on), the recently released Rob Zombie’s 31 and Don’t Breathe, Stranger Things season 2, American Horror Story, a lot of chat about Paris Hilton’s ‘other’ films, merch bought by lovely listeners, new podcasts, ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’ and probably more things!

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Intro trailer – House of Wax (2005)
Outro song – Deftones ‘Minerva’
Mentions – Final Girls @FinalGirlsHC
Casey @StayWeirdCasey
The Demon Bishop @TheDemonBishop
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One thought on “Episode 18 – House of Wax

  1. A past review from 2013:

    Title: House of Wax
    Country: United States
    Year: 2005
    Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

    Carly Jones, her four friends and her troublemaker twin brother travel for the biggest football game of the year. Having to camp out the night before the game, they awaken to find out that one of their cars was vandalized. In order to buy the necessary car part, they’re lead to a secluded little town by some local weirdo. The only big attraction that this town, that’s not even on a map, has is a giant house of wax – made completely out of wax. It doesn’t take Carly long before she realizes that something isn’t right about the town. Little does she know just what horrors await her in a town where more than just one house is made of wax. Over the next twenty four hours, the gang of six must contend with a pair of blood thirsty maniacs hoping to add the young friends to their growing wax town.

    Dark Castle Entertainment. A little company named after the famed horror creator – William Castle. It’s a company that produced one lackluster PG-13 horror after another. Their movies include 13 Ghosts (A remake of William Castle’s original), Ghost Ship and The Apparition. They’re a company that when you see their name, you should instantly realize that the movie just isn’t worth your time. For it’s 2005 release of House of Wax, the film had even more going against it. It had a hot young cast of WB-like B stars and was a remake in practically name alone. Hell, a major piece of the hype was the fact that they had cast Paris Hilton as one of their actresses. For all of these reasons and more, House of Wax should have been yet another dud for Dark Castle. Indeed, when you look at the box office numbers, it was a disappointment. However, it’s also a film that’s surprisingly decent. Somehow, with everything against it, House of Wax managed to avoid all of the pitfalls that other Dark Castle films fall into.

    If you look at why this movie worked, you almost have to look at Paris Hilton. After all, her being in the film was what worried the most people. The truth is Hilton did a fine job. She won’t be winning any awards, but I can’t say she was a negative aspect of the movie either. There’s two factors that played into Hilton working out well in the movie. First, her character was sorta a spoiled brat who’s seemingly only good quality was that she was good looking. She was for all extensive purposes – Paris Hilton. If there’s one person Paris Hilton can play well, it’s Paris Hilton. Second, she’s not the heroine of the film. In fact, you could remove her character and the movie wouldn’t be changed at all. She’s nothing more than fodder to add to the body count. That fact even adds the biggest positive appeal to the movie in that you watch House of Wax in order to see Paris Hilton die. Hell, she even gets the best kill of the entire movie! Paris Hilton was actually a valuable asset to the movie. Go figure.

    Since Hilton isn’t the heroine of the film, that spot goes to Elisha Cuthbert as Carly Jones. First off, Cuthbert may be the greatest export in Canadian history. Besides being awfully gorgeous, I find Cuthbert to be so likable. Because of that likability and that damn cute laugh, it was impossible not to like her character. They even went a step further by having one of the killers MUTILATE (!!!) Cuthbert by cutting off one of her fingers. It’s a rarity to actually see a heroine lose a part of her body. Typically, all that happens to them is that they gain a few scratches and a twisted ankle. The fact that Cuthbert’s character went even further meant that the viewer could be more emotionally involved since it’s something far more extreme. I’m a sucker for Cuthbert though, that alone helped with my enjoyment of the film.

    The actual house of wax that gave the film it’s name, was quite the impressive building. Once the finale comes and fire breaks out, the house is slowly burning with the wax melting. The surviving characters are left battling the killers in a giant candle! It’s kind of awesome really. I also liked the fact that you just can’t lock yourself in a room. It’s a wax door, all the killer needs to do is gently push and they can break on through to the other side! Dark Castle may be a lousy company, but they sure know how to create an impressive set just like they did with the glass house in 13 Ghosts.

    As far as the death scenes go, it’s hit and miss. Due to the whole idea that the killers would turn their victims into wax figures, that meant some of the deaths wouldn’t be finalized. Instead, a victim would then be hurt and then would be thrown into the great wax chair of mayhem. It’s a death scene without there really being a death. There’s a couple of deaths that are filmed off camera, that is never too much fun. But, there are a couple of great kills. As previously mentioned, Paris Hilton’s death is the best of the movie. It was a little gory, but it was mostly just fun because she got impaled in the fucking head! Considering this was 2005 and at the peak of the Paris Hilton hate, killing her off was an easy crowd pleaser. The other quality death is one that we don’t get a good view of, but we see the beautiful post death results with a head being split in half. It’s a fun, gory scene. These two deaths helped the film escape the feeling of being PG-13.

    Perhaps House of Wax is just a cliche slasher with a cool looking set and a gimmick of killing America’s favorite person to hate, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore House of Wax. I think it’s safe to say it’s the best Dark Castle film that received a wide release in the theaters. 2005 was also a terrible year for horror’s mainsteam theatrical films (The year of Cursed AND The Boogeyman!), so House of Wax would also be one of the better theatrically released horrors of the year too. It’s a good little popcorn flick.

    Grade: C


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