Episode 24 – The Monster Squad

In episode 24 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly discuss the 1987 film The Monster Squad. What did a very drunk and slurring Kelly think after seeing it for the first time?

Other topics this week include Gears of War 4, 2001: A Space Odsessy, Channel Zero, What Have You Done to Solange?, Friday the 13th video game, Dead by Daylight, ‘Jack Goes Home’ trailer, ‘I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House’ trailer, ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’ trailer, ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ trailer, The Exorcist TV show, Scream TV show and Ash vs Evil Dead.

Trailer – ‘The Monster Squad’ (1987)
Outro song – Monster Squad rap

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One thought on “Episode 24 – The Monster Squad

  1. A review from way back in 2010:

    Title: The Monster Squad
    Country: United States
    Year: 1987
    Director: Fred Dekker

    Dracula resurfaces and plans on stealing an ancient amulet that when destroyed, will shift the world’s balance to evil. To help him in his quest, he enlists in the help of a Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, a trio of vampire girls, a werewolf and Frankenstein’s Monster. Knowing that the window to destroy the amulet closes in 24 hours and won’t be possible to destroy again for another hundred years, Dracula will not let anyone come in his way.

    Meanwhile, 12 year old Sean, may be dealing with constantly fighting parents, but he’s able to forget his problems thanks to the Monster Club (Later renamed the Monster Squad). The Monster Club is just Sean and his friends (Including the newest member, a Junior High Fonzie-like kid) hanging around and discuss their love for monster movies. After his mother gives him an old book from Van Helsing, himself, Sean realizes that Dracula’s real and is up to no good. In the book, it talks about how an amulet can open up a worm hole-like phenomenon that will remove any evil doers forever. Can Sean and his friends rid the world of the monsters and what will happen when he realizes that Dracula has a similar goal of finding that ancient amulet?

    Despite being geared towards older kids (Junior high age I imagine), that doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy this too. The biggest appeal is to see the five horror icons all together and in color. There had been many movies with two or more of the monsters battling, but to have so many icons and in color is perhaps the first of it’s kind. The writers also do a good job in trying to stay true to the original characters. The only true evil character is Dracula. Frankenstein’s Monster is lovable while The Wolf Man fights an internal battle between being a true monster and one of tragedy. For a “Kids” movie, the writing’s pretty damn good.

    To further showcase how good their writing was, the writers throw in various nods to the original movies. Frankenstein’s Monster’s first meeting with Sean’s young sister, Phoebe, is reminiscent to how the original Frankenstein’s Monster met the young girl with the pigtails in 1931’s Frankenstein, only without the unintentional disastrous result. At one point, Dracula ties The Wolf Man up in a chair while he’s still human, just as Larry Talbot’s father did in the original Wolf Man. Finally, the old legend of a Wolf Man only being able to be killed by silver is explored. What will happen when a Wolf Man is torn to pieces? For (Possibly) the first time ever in film history, we’re shown the body parts coming back together. Thus explaining why even if you tear a body in pieces, a Wolf Man will just come back.

    Even though The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Mummy are in the movie, the writers smartly know what their real draws are. Those two icons are just there to earn extra cool points for including more horror icons. However, just like if there was a modern day Monster’s Squad with the icons of the 70’s and 80’s, the real attractions would be to see the likes of Freddy, Michael, and Jason, while others like Leatherface and Chucky would be added just for the sake of adding more. Both icons, the Creature and the Mummy, do get a memorable scene a piece though.

    While watching this, I couldn’t understand why they didn’t just instantly go to Phoebe when they needed a virgin to open up the worm hole. Now granted, instantly thinking of a five year old when needing to find a virgin is a bit of a creepy thing to do, but why rack your brain in trying to find an older one? When attempting to find an older virgin, problems can arise such as we saw when the sister of one of the members of the Monster Squad’s excuse of “Time that doesn’t count” doesn’t count, does, in fact, count. They should have just always relied on Phoebe. Luckily, they eventually went to Phoebe before time was up.

    The humor in this movie is what also helps keep it on people’s minds years after it was released. Lines such as “Wolfman’s got nards!” is a classic. There’s a ton of quotable lines that are just as funny. Despite being for kids, there’s a good amount of cussing in the movie. In fact, it’s really the only thing parents should take into account when deciding if their child should be able to watch the movie. However, hearing the sweet little Phoebe call her brother and his friends “Chickenshit”, causes one of the bigger laughs in the movie for me.

    And for your enjoyment, the most memorable scene in the movie:

    Overall, Monster Squad manages to create a classic that appeals to child and adult alike. Smart writing, good enough acting, and seeing all of those icons in one movie is enough reason to check this out at least once.

    Grade: A


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