Episode 25 – Shaun of the Dead

In episode 25 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly discuss Shaun of the Dead and wait for all this to blow over. Expect lots of quotes and lots of love for this movie. Also, a brand new segment is featured where a listener gets to guest on the show to talk about the film in question. The first guest is Alex!

Other topics brought up this week feature Black Mirror season 3, The Walking Dead season 7, The Exorcist TV show, Red Dead Redemption, ‘Other Halves’, Friday the 13th news, ‘Suburban Gothic’, Dead by Daylight DLC and more.

Trailer – ‘Shaun of the Dead’ (2004)
Outro song – Grandmaster Flash ‘White Lines’

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One thought on “Episode 25 – Shaun of the Dead

  1. A past review from 2010.

    Title: Shaun of the Dead
    Country: England
    Year: 2004

    Shaun’s life is currently going nowhere. He’s still stuck at a dead end job selling electronics with 17 year old coworkers. Despite having a stepfather since he was 12, Shaun is still coping with daddy issues that is preventing him from spending enough time with his dear mum. His trusty best friend, Ed, has been cramping his style and holds Shaun back. However, the one bright spot in Shaun’s life is his lovely girlfriend – Liz. Unfortunately for Shaun, Liz has had enough with Shaun’s life going nowhere and with her own fears that he’ll drag her life down, she breaks up with Shaun. Now Shaun is determined to fix all of the things going wrong in his life while getting the girl back. Oh, there’s also an outbreak of zombies that threatens everyone’s life as well.

    Despite seeing Shaun of the Dead several times, including in the theater, I still have yet to grow tired of the movie. Much like Trick ‘r Treat, Shaun of the Dead is made by fans of the horror genre that wishes to not only honor the classics, but also bring something new to the table instead of just copying past movies. The movie is worth checking out just to spot all of the nods at the other horror films. There’s all of the various nods at George Romero’s original dead trilogy, most famous example is Ed screaming, “We’re coming to get you, Barbara!” in a twist on the line from Night of the Living Dead. The cellar in the pub could be a nod to the Evil Dead films. The mirror in the bathroom is a nice nod to American Werewolf in London. Dead Alive features a character checking on the arm wombs of his mother. And just in case the viewer couldn’t pick up on any of these nods, Shaun even mentions that Ash (A coworker) is out sick today.

    Similarly to Return of the Living Dead, Shaun relies heavily on comedy to try and make a slightly different zombie flick. It’s these gags that makes the film have so much replay value to it. The best comedy are the ones where Shaun doesn’t notice anything is going on. It’s a nice little commentary on how boring and mundane people’s lives are when they’re so sucked into routine that they’re oblivious to anything else. If you want to look deeper into the meaning of the movie, it’s as if the zombies were essential in Shaun realizing just how much of a rut he’s in. Once he survives the attack, he’s a changed man. I guess it goes to show just how much of a push some people may need to change their lives.

    That’s not to say there aren’t moments when the comedy is just THERE without any subtext of the characters not realizing that something funny is going on.

    I could be wrong, but this may be the first horror film to run with the gag of walking among the zombies if you act like one. Whether it is or it isn’t, it’s still an entertaining scene especially with Shaun’s mother acting completely normal.

    With all of the jokes, gore and blood, Shaun of the Dead is still a film about love and a coming of age tale. If you ignore all of the zombies and what not, the basic plot is virtually identical to every other romantic comedy out there. Man and woman are together, man screws up, woman leaves, man shows that he changed to get the girl back. The whole idea that the film is a Rom(antic)zom(bie) com(edy) is probably one of the more ingenious ideas that a creator has come up with to help a guy convince his girl to come see a horror movie. The standard man/woman love isn’t the only one explored. Shaun’s love of his stepfather finally comes to light while even becoming a zombie hasn’t stopped the love Shaun has for his buddy, Ed.

    Overall, Shaun of the Dead has quickly become a classic of the genre with it’s comedy, fun zombie kills, brilliant soundtrack, nods at the past and heart. There’s few horror films from the past decade that has caught on as fast nor has had as few critics as Shaun has.

    Grade: A

    Looks as if things haven’t changed either as I posted a quick Twitter review in July 2016:

    Shaun of the Dead – Remains my favorite zombie film. A lot of heart, fun soundtrack & gets better w each view. 10/10


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