Episode 35 – The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari & Nosferatu

In episode 35 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly travel back to the 1920s to discuss German silent horror films The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu.

Other topics this week include Alien: Covenant, Blair Witch, Twin Peaks, Godzilla (as always) and a new edition to the show where weekly polls are taken by listeners.

Outro song – Blue Oyster Cult, ‘Nosferatu’

Kelly’s write up on The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – link here

Judderman advert mentioned – link here

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2 thoughts on “Episode 35 – The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari & Nosferatu

  1. Well done on this episode. Especially to you Kel, I am not a stranger to anxiety. You were a bit shakey at first, but then it seemed you became more relaxed and got along well as you discussed the movies. Other positives for you: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari inspired you to write (I failed to make the connection), and you’re putting away the alcohol. Once it affects your health/life for the worst, It’s time at least for an extended vacation.

    It’s been a good 7-8 years since I watched The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and hearing the two of you talk about it makes me want to see it again. Not sure which version I saw, it was a rental. Tried to watched Nosferatu when TCM played it late one night, but I lacked the motivation, or interest, for that one.

    I can’t say I fault your lack of enthusiasm – and annoyance – for Twin Peaks, It’s absolutely not for everyone. There are certainly annoying, hokey things about it, but I found enjoyment in some of its humor and mystery. Despite not having watched the series in a good 6 years-plus, and with the lore/mythos/continuity aspects of the show being forgotten with time – it is still one of the viewing programs (movies and tv) that I look forward to this year, if for nothing else, to see where they go with it. Also, if either of you like Lynch’s work, I recommend that you watch his film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. The film is very dark and devoid of the corny light humor its predecessor provided. There are some amusing liners (to me), such as Laura’s description of James (I recall being an excerpt from her diary, paraphrasing here): “James is so gorgeous, but he’s really dumb!” If either of you have a affection for Bowie, he’s in this, briefly. Also a warning: this movie can be a bummer for people, the misery ride goes and on. There are also beautiful moments as well – David Lynch has a knack for accompanying good, emotive, music for moving scenes.

    Thank you Rich for reminding me of the early filmmaker (who was at the tip of my tongue while posting my comment on the write up) – Georges Melies. It has been a while since I’ve “studied” film – it was an elective course at Clown Community College. Also thanks for the Rob Zombie music video reminder – haven’t watched that in ages.

    All in all, a quality episode. Very informative, a little too informative (Rich, man, explaining what Big Ben is, dumbing down your podcast commentary to appeal to the masses?). I especially look forward to listening your future episodes on Pan’s Labyrinth and House – will make sure I see the latter before – or by – the recording of that episode.

    P.S. Another thanks goes for bringing “The Burbs” to my attention. Might have watched it as a child, I see only fog when I look in its direction, but that will be one to check out when the moment strikes.

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  2. Thanks for the great feedback! We hope more episodes will stay on point like this one seemed to. Hopefully it’s not just a one off!

    Also. Bowie? Big fan. I was absolutely gutted when he passed away last year. Thanks for your comments, once again! – Kelly


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