Episode 36 – The ‘Burbs

In episode 36 of the CTGY podcast, Rich’s pick this week is The ‘Burbs, so he remembers a nostalgic favourite and Kelly watches for the first time.

Other topics this week include Cult of Chucky, Jeepers Creepers 3, The Lure, Donnie Darko, Clinical, X-Files and The Lost Boys TV show.

Trailer – The ‘Burbs (1989)
Outro song – Ben Folds, ‘Rockin’ the Suburbs’

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3 thoughts on “Episode 36 – The ‘Burbs

  1. Good episode, you blushing newlyweds.

    Holy hell, you trimmed this from 2-3 hours to under 60 minutes? That’s some work! Just an idea, but if you ever want to take some time off, yet have something in reserve for your followers – why not collect unused footage (if you have it) and create some outtake-type episodes? Not trying to give you even more tasks, but it’s just a thought for if there’s ever a time you could use a distraction, and movies/books won’t cut it.

    Some neat trivia in this episode, a trend I’m starting to notice. Darla (aka Queenie/Precious) has an IMDb page, I wonder if they create one for all the dogs with acting jobs? As you alluded, what a resume! Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Batman Returns. That bitch really got around.

    Drop Dead Fred was a childhood favorite of mine! I have not seen that in so long, I really must give it another watch with this new pair of eyes.

    Nice choice to include Donnie Darko in a future discussion, nothing wrong with deviating from horror. It’s your bloody podcast, you choose the movies you want. If the listeners don’t like it – too bad, they’ll eat what you give them!
    Science Fiction and Horror are very much related, basically they were separated at birth. It’s just one was born deformed from compromised semen due to the father’s days as a lab rat for money – while the other is still locked inside the closet.

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  2. Lately our unedited episodes seem to be about 1 hour 30 minutes, so not bad really. Seems we really are getting the hang of it now, haha. To the bonus footage.. man, that’d be a lot of hard work for me to go through 37 episodes and find funny parts.. I suppose one day I could try but I might lose my mind, haha.

    Yeah Darla really did get around!

    Drop Dead Fred is still hilarious. I have always loved it and even as a grown up it’s good.


  3. Make no mistake, that wasn’t a request – it was just a thought, I tend to throw them out there by chance that they appeal. You do this for fun, when fun turns into work (or too much work, at least), then it ceases to be something enjoyed. I don’t endorse that.

    Most movies (and others things, such as music) that I liked as a kid, have not held up with age. I’d like to try that out with Drop Dead Fred sometime, though. I cannot remember a scene right now on the spot, but watching it might refresh those lost memories. I’ll go search for an old lady from whom I can steal it. Then again, she might catch up to me and kick my ass. I’ll try to have a go-pro cam on me while attempting this.


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