Episode 37 – Only Lovers Left Alive

In episode 37 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly discuss the criminally underrated Only Lover’s Left Alive, giving you reasons why they’d recommend it.

Other topics this week include The Exorcist, Raw, Clowntergeist (..yes), Meg, Audition and a huge rant from Rich about cinemas. Also, poll results for listeners favourite vampire film and the next poll topic are announced.

Trailer – Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
Outro song – Denise Lasalle, ‘Trapped by a Thing Called Love’

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One thought on “Episode 37 – Only Lovers Left Alive

  1. Thanks for bringing OLLA to my attention, it sounds like an interesting premise. Thanks doubly for resisting spoilers.

    if you like Tilda Swinton, she plays a very brief, but memorable, part in another Jarmusch movie called Broken Flowers. Bill Murray stars, and goes around the country visiting lovers of past in search of the one who sent him an anonymous letter confessing to bearing his child. I don’t remember the guy’s name, but a familiar voice from the animated series “Futurama” plays a fairly prominent role in this.

    Oh, and hilariously enough – I had a dream involving Freddy Krueger screwing with me in my dreams, all thanks to your podcast!


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