Episode 40 – The Evil Dead

In episode 40 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly go to a cabin in the woods to discuss The Evil Dead. That first film, only.

Other topics include Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, Suspiria, Stranger Things, IT, The Strangers 2, The Nun, IMDB and more.

Trailer – The Evil Dead (1981) 
Outro song – Motorhead, ‘Ace of Spaces’

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5 thoughts on “Episode 40 – The Evil Dead

  1. Tip for your Kelly. I’m not sure how much of IMDb’s features you use, but you can still get from there what you could from the recently departed “I Need to Know” board. As a matter of fact, I would lean on a lot of the people who provided fast answers to obscure movies most likely used the “keyword” search bar than having a movie database for brains. So, if you remember anything vague, try putting that into a plot keyword on the site, and with a little bit of scrolling and searching, you should find it.


  2. on the subject of banned films…there’s one that is banned damn near world wide and i watched it one time…and holy fuck lol its the most fucked up movie i have ever seen,it might as well have been a snuff film. i’ve managed to forget the name so dont ask me what it is cause i wouldnt tell you anyway because NO ONE SHOULD WATCH IT!..its fuckin horrible


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