Episode 50 – The Omen

In episode 50 of the CTGY podcast, Kelly and Rich celebrate this huge, crazy event by discussing the one and only.. Damien. The Omen (1976)!.. and the remake. Hail Satan!

Other topics include Visage, Alison Road, The Mist TV series, Alien: Covenant, Bride of Frankenstein, Hellraiser: Judgment and more. Also find out what next week’s episode will be when a lucky dip is drawn..

Trailer – The Omen (1976)
Outro song – The Prodigy, ‘Omen’

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Can you believe we’re up to 50 episodes of the podcast? We can’t. We never thought we’d get this far, not in a million years. Thank you always for all your support, your feedback and your listens. We wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t for you.



12 thoughts on “Episode 50 – The Omen

  1. the joker plays jokes and that to him was all a big joke…and if you knew anything at all about comics you would know that the riddler is nothing more than a knock off joker XD and the riddler has fallen out of grace despite jim carrey’s portrayal in the movie. jim did a good job but the riddler is just one of those carbon copy characters and thats why seeing him return to movies is highly unlikely. joker was released in 1940…riddler was released in 1948. joker was doing it first. and i thought heath ledgers joker was good. way better than fuckin jack nicholson XD i love jack but just no…

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    • ya know..kinda how jason voorhee’s is a rip off of michael myers.slight change..but essentially the same kind of guy..big..intimidating..the only real difference between jason a mikey is mikey likes to torture them a bit before the kill. jason just straight ends their life. essentially the same fucking guy though..same disappearing after thought dead…doesnt die. they both even wear a pair of coveralls. and their masks are different. like that to me isnt enough to say that jason is his own original character..hes a copy with a few slight changes. same with joker and riddler. same shit,different can basically.

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  2. Hey podcast peeps, Is this spriven person familiar to you? Giving me an answer would clear up some of my paranoia. “Who are you, Pornhub?” If you can see certain required information needed to comment, then one of yous might have a clue as to who I am. Please and Thank you.

    Some guy on the lam.


  3. On the topic of originals and rip offs, especially pertaining to Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, there’s only so many original ideas. Nearly everything made after a certain point clearly borrowed from something else. Even Halloween borrows heavily from some other movies including Bay of Blood, Black Christmas, and Peeping Tom. The key to borrowing from something else is to then find your own identity.

    As time went on, I believe Jason Voorhees did just that. Right from the beginning, there’s a clear difference between Jason and Michael with Jason having the motivations of killing anyone near Crystal Lake because to Jason, they all represent Alice, the one responsible for killing his mother. What made Michael so great is that for such a long amount of time, there was never a clear idea of why he did what he did. Ironically, it was in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 (Ugh) that Michael’s motivations is taken directly from Jason Voorhees with Michael seeing and hearing his mom as the one pushing him to kill.

    Stylistically, Jason and Michael are also pretty different. Jason typically isn’t one to stand back and wait for his moment. Instead, he’ll break through a wall, burst through the water, or just generally hunt down his prey. For Michael, he’s all about taking his time, surveying the scene to best increase his chances of getting his target. To me, that’s why he went after Linda, Annie, and Bob in the original Halloween. He didn’t care about them, but he knew that if he was go get Laurie, he needed to reduce the amount of help she’d have from friends. In the incredible Halloween 4, Michael stooped as low to kill poor Bucky (RIP Bucky, ya crazy SOB) just to kill the power in the entire town AND kill the local police to make it easier to go after Jamie. Again, as time went on, you got to see Michael acting more Jason-like particularly in Halloween Resurrection with Michael going through the mirror and later how he woke up with his eyes flashing open, something straight out of a Friday film.

    Victim wise, I’d say Friday typically had different victims than in Halloween. Friday was all about throwing a bunch of horny teens for Jason to slaughter. For Michael, it was about less victims and the characters were a little more “Decent”. Kill wise, Jason used a greater variety of weapons to off his victims.

    Furthermore, it’s not as if Michael was the first silent bulky killer. Isn’t that basically what Kharis was in the original Mummy series from the 40’s? A large silent killer that basically wore a mask throughout a series of movies.

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