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“Kelly may or may not be a mutated tequila worm, science has still not made the notes available to the public. Unwittingly exposed to the slasher genre at a young age, she has never fully recovered. Compiling an impressive collection of books, movies, and action figures echoing her love for the macabre and horrific, she has a fondness for slashers and living a double life where her brain scrambles between a high functioning alcoholic and incredibly gifted writer (but she won’t tell you that). Kelly lives every day hanging from the rusted hooks of horror that she fell onto, and is the main driving and creative force behind the CTGY podcast.”

Allo, allo, allo – you marvelous bunch. It’s grand to meet you!

I’m the brains behind this entire operation – you see, one day I said to my life long best mate Rich (the one that never does any editing work) when I was drunk out of my nut that we need to get a podcast going. We’ve spent many hours over the years chatting absolute rubbish about horror films in person, on the phone, over Xbox live conversations – it got to a point where we needed others to hear what we have to say. It took a long time to get the confidence to actually get round to recording the (admittedly, TERRIBLE) first episode but I am so stoked we actually did it. We’ve come a long way with different material, gaining the listeners we appreciate so much and improving in any way we can each week.

I don’t really engage in many exciting activities outside of radio land when I do get any spare time – I work in retail where I am surrounded by video games, music and films all day and at night I have massive sleep deprivation and I edit the absolute shit out of every podcast episode to try and get each one sounding just right (Rich never helps, he just draws stuff and still gets loads of credit for being the hard working one). I also tend to spend a ridiculous amount of money I don’t have on DVD’s/Blu Rays/Steelbooks/horror posters/masks/figures and everything else I definitely don’t have room for, I shoot the life out of virtual gaming characters on Xbox/Playstation/PC (sometimes I stream on Twitch!), I attempt to write sometimes but it’s rare and only if I’m not beating myself up about how rubbish everything sounds, I spend loads of time fussing over my wonderful dog Lu and.. well, sometimes I am known to have a beer or 10. A casual, quiet drink, you know?

I’ve been watching horror films for as long as I can remember. If I’m not watching them then I am either researching them or talking about them. Live and breathe horror, that’s the way to do it. Although every genre has something to offer, the genres in particular that I tend to watch are slashers and home invasions. I’ve been listening to various podcasts for about a year or so now and while they’re all still fantastic to listen to and gain insights on other people’s opinions on movies, I also wanted to get involved myself. So here we are.

This feels a little too much like a dating application so I am going to awkwardly step away from the writing box now.. laters!




Richard has always had an inkling that the monsters under the bed were terrifyingly real. The discovery of the horror genre only amplified that grim fascination, and his predilection for supernatural horror has always shone through. Having had various careers throughout the pantheon of time, Richard has acted as funeral parlor delivery boy, professional punk-rocker, and Kelly-wrangler. Having spent more than a decade toiling in the UK’s indie comic scene, he now he wastes his time as a professional freelance illustrator and writer (..you should buy his books).

Go fuck yourself, Kelly.
I can’t be bothered to write anything – they know who I fucking am.