We have launched a Discord channel!

The basic idea of this is an attempt to get our listeners together so we can interact with them more. Anyone is welcome and can speak whenever they’d like. If you have news about horror films and want to discuss – feel free. If you want to discuss a film or video game in general – go for it. Or even if you want to comment on an episode of the CTGY podcast, let us know what you think! There will also be announcements within the channel to let you know if an episode has been aired or even if Kelly/Rich are streaming on Twitch, etc.

There may even be different activities down the line such as live commentaries for films that we can all watch at the same time and discuss, after a date/time is arranged that is suitable. Or maybe drinking games..?

Whatever the case, join in and don’t be shy!

If you have an account on Discord already, click the link below to join our group! If you haven’t.. you know what to do..